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Tips for Hiring a California Personal Injury Lawyer

Being in a hurry is not always the best tactic. While it is important to file your case on time. It is not always the best strategy to hurry.  This is why we want to hear your full story. Many law firms will say you have a case in 3 minutes. That might be a good idea if you’re in a big hurry, or your life doesn’t depend on the outcome of your case. But if you truly have a complex and potentially valuable case, you will want your law firm to take a little longer to evaluate your situation.

At Cary Injury Law we care about you and your case. Often times you’ll need a team of lawyers, paralegals, expert witnesses and more to build the case that can go all the way to the finish line. While most cases settle without going to trial, building a case that is ready for trial has become increasingly important over the years.

Your law firm should give you the time you need to understand what you’re up against. Meet David Cary, Esq., and Mary Cary. When you reach out to us you will get to know our law firm and our practice directly. We are not a big car-accident mill. We are small enough to care about every case including yours. If you are beginning to think you have a personal injury case and you’re not getting the justice you deserve.

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