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When you (or a loved one) are injured in an awful accident involving a car, truck, motorcycle, unsafe property, a dog bite or a wrongful death (for instance), there are important decisions you (or someone who cares for you) has to make in this crucial moment about whether to hire a personal injury lawyer.

Often you only have one chance to make the right decision which is hard under these circumstances. Usually there’s a window of time where you can file your claim. Even so, you should not be rushed into a wrong decision.

This page is meant to give you an understanding about what you’re up against and help you make the right decision for you and your family. Many times the decision you make about a personal injury lawyer can impact your whole life. Your decision can be that important.

Here are 4 important things you need to know right away:

  1. Preparing for trial is important. A case can settle with an exceptional outcome before going to trial. However, when you choose a personal injury law firm (like Cary Injury law), you want to know that the firm would take your case all the way to trial (if necessary). Your lawyer hears your matter, then often builds you a team of lawyers, expert witnesses, investigators (and more) who are prepared to fight your case in front of a jury. In many cases, building this team is crucial for the best outcome.
  2. “I’m not a person who sues anyone”. Of course you’re not. When someone makes a mistake and hurts you, you are not usually suing that person, even if (by law) their name is in the lawsuit. Every driver, business and homeowner (for instance) has to carry all kinds of insurance to protect against mistakes. Insurance carriers’ job is to make you “whole again”. However an insurance corporation (out for it’s shareholders), will need to minimize your claim. Do you feel like you’re not getting the help you need?
  3. You would never want this to happen to anyone else. We cannot bring back a loved one who died. Maybe money would not make your life return to normal. But in our justice system, money is the closest thing we have to make you whole again. This doesn’t make you greedy. This helps those who made the mistake know they should never make that mistake again. Getting a personal injury lawyer can help you, but is also your way of protecting others from the same dangers. This is how our justice system works.
  4. We are lucky to have jury trials in the United States. In court, every day people hear stories like yours presented by lawyers who know the laws (even if you’re not a United States citizen). Showing a jury what happened is often where you’ll find the best outcome. Even excellent lawyers (who you want on your case), may not be the person going to trial. This is why sometimes creating a team specific for your case is important. When you have a good case, insurance companies do not want your case in front of an empathetic jury. Be sure you have a law firm that will build a team that will go all the way to trial if needed. 

Your choice of law firms can change your life forever. The evaluation of your case could take a few days, sometimes more. This is so you get the best possible chance for receiving the justice you deserve. We are not a personal injury “mill” who may run you through as fast as possible taking the first quick low settlement. It matters who you choose. We care. We want our best possible experienced team to be available and ready to take your case all the way right now.

Finally, talking to us is free. We don’t get paid anything unless you have a favorable result. This is a very unusual business model. In most other areas of the law (or other businesses) this is not true. Most personal injury law most firms will not handle your case if they don’t think there’s a good chance of getting you justice. Generally, a personal injury law firm will pay for all the costs and fees as you go along. And fighting a big corporation or insurance company can be expensive. This is something you will not need to worry about. Statistics show you will likely end up in much better shape with a powerful injury firm on your side.

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Vehicle Accidents

Whether you were involved in an accident with a Truck, Car or Motorcycle it can be scary.

TIP: Get medical care within 24 hours of the accident.

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Dog Bite Accidents

If you were bitten by someone else’s dog you can wonder if you have rights.

TIP: Homeowners insurance can play a role in your case.

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Slip and Fall Accidents

If you had an accident involving a Slip, Trip or Fall your life can be turned upside down.

TIP: Surgery or broken bones can play a role in your case.

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Premises Accidents

It’s horrible to be injured on someone else’s property that should have been safe.

TIP: Severe injuries can play a role in your case.

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Wrongful Death

When your loved one was killed by accident this can be the hardest time of your life.

TIP: Sadly accidents like this happen every day reach out.

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Work Accidents

Work injuries caused by non-employee/employer negligence can be horrific.

TIP: Have a case evaluation based on the law.

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You may be out of work, without transportation and needing to attend doctor appointments.

Selecting a lawyer is not easy when there are so many choices. Finding the right lawyer may be the last thing you want to think about right now.

We know this can be extremely difficult. We are ready to hear what happened to you right now.

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